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ED scores secure deal with NetIQ

EXPRESS Data’s gain is Tech Pacific’s loss as NetIQ, parent company of Manukau-based Marshal Software, signs the former distributor up to administer its products.

Under the agreement ED will distribute MailMarshal and WebMarshal products.

Last year homegrown Marshal Software changed tack by handing the bulk of its distribution to Tech Pacific so it could focus more resources on its top-tier partners and market the products of NetIQ in New Zealand. Until the announcement, Marshal had dealt directly with the local channel for its content security software.

However, now the company has appointed Express Data as exclusive distributor.

The NetIQ suite, incorporating MailMarshal and WebMarshal, is a good fit for Express Data’s other bag of brands. “It is extremely complementary with our current antivirus products — we now have a mail filtering product that is locally developed and an excellent product,” ED sales manager Paul Plester says.

The agreement between NetIQ and Express Data is an Australian and New Zealand agreement, which means the Australian arm of the distributor also gains the brand. “That’s part of quite a strong trend we’re seeing with IT vendors at the moment,” Plester says.

David Taylor, ANZ NetIQ regional director of sales echoes this, adding that “the business in New Zealand was doing reasonably okay but the business in Australia wasn’t doing well. [Express Data] would normally touch something with a bigger run rate than our current business so the rationale is if we do this for Australia — which is where NetIQ’s problem was — we would want to offset that by the benefits of enjoying the New Zealand business.”

Under the agreement all of the resellers that have previously dealt with NetIQ will now deal with ED.

Commenting on cutting ties with Tech Pacific, Taylor says the distributor hadn’t really grown the business given to it last year. “It’s a touchy subject but … it’s just that they didn’t grow the business we had already given them ... I didn’t want to give them more if they hadn’t improved what they’ve currently got.”

NetIQ is also beefing up support for both Australia and New Zealand, which will be managed from here. “I’m pleased about it as now I’m getting a local 1800 number being put in place in Australia so all my customers will make a local phone call and be put through to a helpdesk in Auckland,” Taylor adds.

Tech Pacific did not respond at the time of going to press.