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Mobile Doctor battle continues

TWO North Shore, Auckland competitors continue to claim that they — and not the other — have the rights to Mobile Computer Doctor (1996), a company that went into liquidation on December 24.

And at the centre of the row is an email message from liquidator John Buchanan to one of the parties, Aaron Stewart, refusing to sell Stewart the debtors’ list of MCD (1996) because he had heard that Stewart obtained unlawfully the company’s customer list.

But Stewart and his lawyer Michael Vallant maintain that they did not receive the February 18 email message.

“Everything’s gone silent,” Stewart says. “I’ve also been to the Commerce Commission and there’s not been a single complaint.” The cheque has not been banked.

He says he was given the right to approach the customers of MCD (1996), which was owned by Barry Rolton when it went into liquidation. That is why they posted Rolton’s customers flyers, saying Stewart’s firm Computer Specs had purchased the name and customer base of MCD (1996).

They say if Buchanan refused Stewart’s $56 cheque for the offer, why has he not returned it and why was the refusal not by letter rather than email.

Neither Buchanan nor fellow liquidator Callum Macdonald returned Reseller News’s phone calls that sought answers to these questions.

Reseller News reported on March 19 that Rolton — who, with Jeff Ghaemaghamy, on the day of liquidation set-up Mobile Computer Doctor (no date) — alleged Stewart had received a stolen copy of MCD 1996’s customer list. Rolton says Stewart is using this list to poach customers for his new business, Mobile Computer Doctor (2004), which he registered on February 10.

Rolton says Ghaemaghamy bought all of MCD 1996’s assets before the pair entered into 50-50 ownership under MCD (no date) on December 24. Stewart is “miffed” because he did not purchase the company, Rolton says.