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Microsoft mice show true colours

  • Peggy Watts (Unknown Publication)
  • 15 April, 2004 22:00

MICROSOFT has introduced a trio of special-edition mice that users can personalise with original designs, and is inviting suggestions for future special designs.

The colourful new series are dubbed "Groovy," "Immersion," and "Night Vision”.

Mouse specs

The "Groovy" mouse is apparently crafted for users nostalgic for the 60s. The wireless optical input device bears a pattern in bright orange, pink, and red, and is priced at US$44.95. It is an ambidextrous mouse and has several recent features of other Microsoft mice, including the new Tilt Wheel Technology for smoother scrolling, introduced last year. It also has Microsoft Optical Technology, intended to provide longer battery life.

The other two mice use Microsoft's Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer technology, and both of them are priced at US$54.95.

The "Immersion" mouse is painted blue and purple, while the "Night Vision" mouse is green and black. According to Microsoft, "Immersion" is supposed to evoke "subtle style with creative depth, drawing inspiration from the cool hues of water rippling across the surface of a pool”.

The "Night Vision" design is intended to be "reminiscent of sci-fi fantasy”. Then again, perhaps the mice (or designers) have just been sharing refreshments with their 60s counterpart.

The two new Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer models also use the Tilt Wheel Technology. All three mouse designs have five programmable buttons.

Polls open for next models

In addition, Microsoft is inviting colour-conscious consumers to vote for future special-edition finishes at

"The days of boring beige are over," says Ken Fry, industrial design group director for Microsoft Hardware. He says the use of colour in computer mice allows people to personalize their computer systems and workstations.

Microsoft plans to market these mice for an unspecified limited time period, but the company plans to offer more "designer mice" models.