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Apple cuts 148 jobs

APPLE Computer has confirmed that it will make 148 job cuts in its marketing and sales departments across Europe and America.

According to its 10-Q regulatory filing posted with the US. Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday, Apple intends to reorganize its sales and marketing efforts - with 148 job cuts expected during the current fiscal year, which ends in September.

Apple confirmed in the posting that 69 positions had been terminated before the end of the second quarter of 2004.

This follows 200 jobs losses following the closure of Apple's Sacramento, California plant this April. Apple expects that these latest job-cuts, and the plant closure, should save US$6 million per quarter in operating expenses.

The company anticipates absorbing the majority of charges related to restructuring its sales and marketing activities in the US and Europe by the end of the fiscal year - it states that employee severance costs of $7.7 million are expected.