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Woosh names Exeed as distributor

HEWLETT-Packard distributor Exeed has taken on Woosh Wireless’ offerings as the latter seeks better inroads into the SMB sector.

Sandra Geange Woosh Wireless general manager, sales and marketing, says the relationship will open doors for the company into the local small business community.

“The idea is we’re going to get access to a whole range of distribution into the SME market we wouldn’t otherwise have,” she says.

“Currently, we do get some of that with the likes of Dick Smith and Harvey Norman but we feel that Exeed has an opportunity to act as an integrator across a number of technologies that are complementary.”

Exeed sales manager Justin Tye echoes this, adding that while the company still considers HP its core focus, Woosh’s offerings will complement it.

Under the agreement, Exeed will be responsible for the recruitment, sales development and logistics management for the Woosh Wireless solutions for the IT reseller channel. “It is unique for us to be involved in the sales and marketing,” Tye says.

Among other HP products, Exeed distributes notebooks and iPaqs into the SME sector and “the products and service are good for us as a distributor as we bundle stuff all the time”, Tye says.

Geange says small business and enterprises that want more complex solutions will be able to get this through Exeed’s partners and “we should be able to make that happen a lot better and more. For example, if they’re setting up a WAN or 802.11 wireless LAN in their offices.”

Geange says Woosh Wireless, along with Exeed, is still in the process of developing a strategy and events around the partnership.

“[We] really [want] anything that can help a small business from a communications perspective. We will be starting off with the simple offerings that will appeal to the majority of people and we [will build on that],” she says.

Through working with the IT channel Geange believes the company is well-positioned to take advantage of the growth in digital devices that manage voice and data.

Exeed managing director Andrew Bain says the deal will be beneficial as the distributor is looking to integrate mobility-based hardware solutions into the reseller channel.