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Handheld WiFi boost

AGERE Systems, has announced a tiny 802.11g module that is custom-made for use in handheld devices.

Despite its size the unit supports wireless data transfers at 54Mbps and offers what the company describes as "exceptional range" -- 100 meters. The 802.11g standard is the WiFi employed by Apple Computer Inc. in its AirPort products.

Agere intends the device for use in PDAs, smartphones, handheld video games and digital cameras and camcorders, for example. It measures just 20-x-29mm, so is easy to integrate into smaller units.

Agere will demonstrate the product at Computex 2004 between June 1-5 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Stan Swearingen, vice president of Agere's computing connectivity division said: "This new WiFi module delivers the true mobility elements consumer electronics developers care about most -- power savings, small size, reliability and performance."

Apple is widely credited with helping kick-start WiFi adoption with its introduction of the original AirPort (based on 802.11b) in July 1999.