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Fujitsu review may lead to more staff

FUJITSU is likely to have more salespeople at the completion of a review of job roles than it did when it started the process, according to general manager Christopher Brice.

His claim is in response to channel sources who say up to three of the 25 staff in Wellington and Auckland have resigned since the company asked members of the sales team to reapply for their jobs.

Brice told Reseller News on April 30 that the review was in response to falling revenue and part of the company’s desire to be more of a service provider rather than product supplier. This aim is consistent with the new financial year’s business plan, which kicked off on April 1.

Since that time, Brice confirms two salespeople have left Fujitsu — but a new person has joined the team and the company has two job offered to outsiders.

“We’re still working through the pro-cess. As I said before, there had been some positions that had been disestablished and some created. So that puts us up one or two.” Sixteen of the 25 jobs have changed, he says. This does not include the two regional sales manager roles, which have been melded into one national role held by Pieter de Villiers.

It is also likely the Auckland sales team will increase in numbers, Brice says.

He would not put a time limit on the review but says Fujitsu is “halfway through the process”.

The two employees who left “went on their own volition”, Brice says.

Fujitsu’s revenue fell 13.5% from $87.4 million in 2002 to $75.5 million in 2003. Some sources say that if the Department of Conservation (DoC) had not renewed its infrastructure management contract with Fujitsu, the company would be in trouble.

“Comments like that are fairly overstated,” Brice says. DoC, which renewed its agreement until 2009, is a major client. Its absence “would have an impact” on Fujitsu but would not have put the company in trouble, Brice says.

Market researcher IDC ranks Fujitsu in the top 10 service providers by revenue.