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Distie hit by ‘pro’ criminals

KROME Technologies was robbed on Saturday night in what seems to have been a professional hit. And as a result of the burglary the distributor’s resellers will experience supply delays while Krome waits for insurance claims to come through.

The distributor’s showroom, which is based in Greenlane, was broken into via a window. “They [also] cut off all the phone lines ... it was a professional hit,” says business manager Jason Lake, who describes the business premises as Fort Knox.

The stolen goods fall under the European brands, Eyegonomic, Hush and Huappauge. “The interesting thing is we had an ad in PC World and the product that was stolen was exactly the same [as those in the ad]. We think it was an industry job.”

As exclusive distributor for this stock in New Zealand, Lake is convinced it was stolen for “research”.

While Lake would not give a dollar value on the loss, he says it is worth thousands and thousands of dollars. And, because the server PCs were stolen as well, Krome has to rebuild its systems.

Lake urges resellers to get in touch with Krome Technologies as the rebuilding includes its reseller database.

Krome Technologies is a New Zealand company and was established in 2000.