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EMC, ED part company

JUST over a year after getting the EMC New Zealand agency, Express Data (ED) is about to lose it.

EMC is reviewing its distribution model in New Zealand and Australia and is expected to announce a new sole distributor in New Zealand within the next two weeks.

Industry sources, including ED national sales manager Paul Plester, expect Datastor will be ED’s replacement, but neither EMC nor Datastor would officially comment.

While not denying the appointment, an EMC spokesperson said earlier this week that since the new distribution deal was not finalised, the company had nothing to say about it.

Plester says the split with EMC came as the distributor struggled to establish a channel model for the brand both in New Zealand and Australia.

“EMC is a very technically demanding product and the EMC procedures — the way it works and sells its products — are not really geared to a channel. It is very much geared towards doing business directly,” says Plester.

“We had long discussions about changes to accommodate the channel effectively, but [were] not able to effect those changes on [either] side.”

Plester says both parities had agreed it was in their best interest to “call it a day”.

“It was fairly amicable. We talked candidly about it and there was no finger-pointing or anything.”

EMC promised a channel review 12 months after ED’s appointment last year.

EMC and Datastor are expected to announce a new relationship in early August. Datastor was one of the companies EMC considered before appointing ED last June.

At the time EMC’s Sydney-based channel manager, David Henderson, said ED was chosen “for its value-added ability”.

Reseller News was unable to reach Henderson for comment before deadline.