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Oracle shuffles Asia-Pac deck

  • Bill Bennett (Unknown Publication)
  • 30 September, 2004 22:00

ORACLE’S Asia-Pacific regional sales operation has been restructured along vertical lines to position the company for further growth, says Brian Mitchell - the outgoing managing director for Australia and New Zealand.

As part of the process, Mitchell says Oracle will move to integrate its channel operation so that partners deal directly with the company within each vertical segment.

Former New Zealand general manager Leigh Warren, now the new managing director for Australia and New Zealand, says, “We’ve been able to integrate our channel in a way that’s a consistent part of overall business within each vertical pillar.

“We’ll be looking for specialisation with our partners and in each market we’ll be looking to deal with the prime application resellers.”

Collectively the changes will bring Oracle’s regional operation into line with the US business, which went through a similar process some 12 to 18 months ago.

“We’ve refocused the business more strategically on our three major platforms: applications, technology and major accounts. This will allow us to pursue further organic growth,” Mitchell says.

The new structure moves application sales to centre stage, adds Mitchell, where Oracle aspires to become the market leader. “We’re also keen to accelerate our rapidly growing base in middleware, currently we’re number three in that market; we want to be number two.”

However, Oracle’s regional ambitions go beyond organic growth. Mitchell says that the company is also on the acquisition trail and he will play a key role in the process. “After December 1, I’ll be leading our acquisition and merger activity in Asia-Pacific.”

He says the reorganisation has come at a time when local operation is at the top of the business cycle. “Our Asia-Pacific business has grown 11% year-on-year and sales in the region are at a high.”

Mitchell says that the region now accounts for 26% of Oracle’s new worldwide licensing revenue and 16% of the company’s total revenue. The regional share of both totals has climbed in the past year.

Warren says the leadership in New Zealand will not change. “General manager Robert Gosling will remain in place and give the local operation stability.”