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Shortages fail to polish off Apple

APPLE’S biggest problem in recent months has been getting enough supply to satisfy its New Zealand resellers and customers.

Steve Ford, the general manager of Renaissance’s Apple division says while the situation has largely eased, there are still some shor-tages of the new iMac models. However, he doesn’t expect this to last long.

“We still have a healthy back-order situation. This has been created by high demand for our products. We’re getting new shipments and expect to see the iMac situation ease over the next week to ten days,” he says.

Earlier this year Apple was wrong-footed by delays to its next-generation iMac G5. The company had planned an orderly run down of stocks of older iMacs in the run-up to the new product’s launch, but mistimed things creating a backlog.

There have also been problems with demand for the company’s iPod portable music players outstripping supply.

Ford says the majority of his partners now have stock of iPods and anticipates a huge demand for the product over the rest of the year. “It’s seen as the must-have present for this Christmas,” he says.

Apple is hoping the runaway success of its iPod brand will spill over into its computer lines. “Thanks to the iPod, large numbers of people are now being attracted to the Apple brand for the first time,” says Ford.

The company is running advertising campaigns linking the iPod to the iMac tagged with “From the creators of iPod”.

So far, Apple’s supply problems haven’t hurt the company’s bottom line. “We closed off last quarter the best we’ve seen in New Zealand as far as revenues are concerned,” says Ford.

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