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SPL has the answer

SOFTWARE Productivity (SPL) has picked up the New Zealand distribution rights for FlexAnswer, a natural language question-answering solution designed to improve web-based customer services. Customers can ask, in plain English, questions regarding any aspect of the company’s activities, products and services.

SPL director John Hislop says the Singapore tax office recently reduced call levels by 34% after installing FlexAnswer to handle tax-payer questions.

The algorithm was designed by two British academics as part of a research project and subsequently commercialised by Singaporean company Agathos, which has bought the intellectual property.

“All questions asked by customers, and the answers provided, are added to the knowledge base, thus making the information available any time to anyone who is allowed access,” Hislop says.

“As well as the web-based self-service solution, FlexAnswer allows call centre operators to key-in questions, and get answers, as they are asked over the phone.”