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IDG show homes in on booming entertainment market

NEW ZEALAND’S first Home Entertainment expo will showcase the latest consumer products and services, providing a state-of-the-art shop window for buyers and suppliers alike.

Running over three days at the Auckland Showgrounds from 7-9 October 2005, the expo will bring together the largest, brightest flat-plasma screens, home computers, broadband internet, TV, movies, digital photography and the latest immersive sound systems. Home Entertainment Expo organiser, Bob Pinchin, who is also the managing director of IDG Communications and publisher of >>FFWD magazine, says “Instead of just seeing single products and systems - as you would in a store - we’ll see how they all work together. That means not just the technology, but the furniture, lighting, smart wiring and overall design which makes up the complete home entertainment experience.”

Pinchin says the Home Entertainment Expo will reflect the convergence of technology, and the societal shift underpinning the strong growth in uptake of the new home entertainment technologies.

“We’ve already experienced a phenomenal uptake of >>FFWD magazine that caters for this market. The Home Entertainment Expo will allow us to build upon its huge success.”

“The so-called ‘Baby Boomers’ have reached the point of maximum dispo-

sable income, with mortgage and education costs largely behind them. They are looking at spending more time in the home, and spending to make the home environment more rewarding,” Pinchin says.

This buying power is reflected in worldwide sales of home theatre projectors. According to IDG forecasts, these will grow from 136,000 units in 2004 to 856,000 units in 2007. Plasma display panels (PDPs) are forecast to grow by 70% in the same time period to 9.5 million units. Similar growth figures are forecast for MP3 players and LCD display screens.