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Channel confusion over Geeks Direct future

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 24 November, 2004 22:00

SOME resellers have been left in the dark over the future of components distributor Geeks Direct.

Geeks Direct CEO Grant Ovenden says the company was recently sold and the new owners have big plans for expansion.

However, Gamerigs director Martin Hall says Ovenden sent him an email advising that Geeks Direct had ceased trading.

“I’m lucky that I’ve been able to source my product lines from other wholesalers but this will affect a whole pile of resellers on the Geeks Direct books,” he says.

“[Ovenden] was bringing in lines from Australia that you can’t get elsewhere in New Zealand. In the email he told me to take those products off my catalogue.”

“Geeks Direct has had tremendous support from its reseller base over the past month as the company’s future was decided,” says Ovenden.

“I reluctantly sold Geeks Direct, for a nominal fee, to concentrate on my two other companies. The new owners will inject fresh capital and will build on the work I’ve put into the company over the last 12 months,” he says.

Ovenden describes the new owners as “a bright young couple with the goal of becoming a recognised and respected distributor of high-end computer components in New Zealand”.

Geeks Direct has been the sole New Zealand sub-distributor for Australian-based Altech Computers.

It also exclusively distributes pro-ducts made by Antec and XpertVision and co-distributes products from TDK, Corsair and Shuttle. Ovenden says Altech has had a hugely successful year. Next week he will travel to Sydney with the new owners to meet Antony Sheen and Safa Joumaa from Altech. “The plan is that Geeks Direct will be moulded into the New Zealand branch of Altech and I look forward to helping the new owners achieve this.”