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CMANZ calls it quits

CITING trying market conditions that reduced its member total to just five, the Computer Manufacturer’s Association of New Zealand has called it quits.

Chairperson Peter Shirley says the organisation is currently being wound up and will soon cease to operate.

“With only five members the association was no longer viable. We did not have a quorum anymore,” he says.

Once nine members strong, the association was founded in 1999 to promote locally made PCs, but wor-sening conditions for local assemblers saw a number of members exit the market. The most high-profile of these was founding member The PC Company, whose owner Colin Brown was the inaugural CMANZ chair, and which closed its doors in September 2003.

Shirley is hopeful, however, that another, wider local industry body will take up where CMANZ left off.

“Microsoft held a meeting at the end of last year with industry representatives with the idea to set up some sort of larger industry group, but I am not sure what progress has been made,” he says.

Shirley says CMANZ was not suited to expand to include members from a wider group of organisations as its charter was designed for an association of large assemblers.

A new industry group that includes resellers, distributors and vendors would be a better option, says Shirley, adding such a body would be valuable as a forum where industry players could exchange information and gain feedback about the industry.

“It means everyone is better informed,” he says.

Ron Jervis of CMANZ member JDI agrees, saying strong leadership is needed to spearhead the establishment of such a body.

Reseller News was unable to obtain confirmation from Microsoft of its involvement in setting up a local industry body by time of going to press.