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Gen-i retains Fire Service

Although still disappointed at losing one long-standing contract, Gen-i is celebrating the continuation of another.

After losing the Air New Zealand desktop and server support contract after seven years to rival Axon last month, Gen-i this week announced it will remain IT provider to New Zealand Fire Service for another five years.

Gen-i has held the contract to provide the Fire Service with hardware, software and support services since 1999 and beat Axon, Fujitsu and Datacom in a competitive tender process to retain the arrangement.

This win, along with others at Genesis Energy and the Reserve Bank, comes as Gen-i is still nursing its wounds at losing the Air New Zealand contract, worth an estimated $5 million, to Axon.

General manager Chris Quin says although Gen-i is disappointed at Air New Zealand’s decision, the company is fortunate that it follows a strong track record of recent wins.

Quin adds the contract ceded to Axon relates to only one part of the work Gen-i is involved with at Air New Zealand and that it remains committed to Air New Zealand, where it is still working on a number of other projects.

“They are still a significant customers of ours,” he says.

Quin says Gen-i was reselected for the Fire Service contract based on its strong relationship with the client, as well as its national presence and skills in mobile computing.

“The Fire Service needs national support, while mobility is vital to the core of its business,” says Quin, adding with its Telecom ownership Gen-i has a combination of IT and communication skills that meet the mobility needs of the Fire Service.

However Gen-i did not rely on the Telecom trump card alone to win the deal.

“They were particularly interested in what benefits the Telecom ownership can bring, but also wanted to ensure all the qualities they liked about Gen-i were intact.”

Gen-i has previously worked with the Fire Service on projects such as an XP rollout, Citrix upgrade to Xpe and server upgrades and Quin says future projects will revolve around mobile computing as the organisation aims to improve the availability of information to fire trucks and operational teams, including volunteer fire fighters.

Quin could not reveal the value of the contract, and a Fire Service spokesperson could not be reached for comment by deadline.