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Exeed fails in Aus, soars in NZ

Keeping the faith as a Hewlett-Packard-only distributor has seen Exeed New Zealand continue to prosper while its wavering Australian namesake has failed.

Exeed Australia and Exeed New Zealand were originally set up along similar lines to distribute Hewlett-Packard products, but Exeed Australia parted ways with the vendor in 2003.

It entered voluntary administration on February 9 and remains closed. A message on its main telephone number states Exeed Australia is no longer trading.

But Exeed New Zealand managing director Andrew Bain says these developments have no bearing on his company.

“The situation in Australia is totally removed from the situation in New Zealand. We have run completely differing business models for well over two years. We are completely different operating companies in the relationships we have had and the business models we have run,” he says.

While acknowledging Exeed Australia and Exeed New Zealand share a common stakeholder in Exeed Global — and that Exeed Australia managing director Michael Bosnar holds the same role at Exeed Global, Bain says there is no direct link between the companies.

“There is no connection between Exeed New Zealand and Exeed Australia. Exeed Global is not Exeed Australia. Exeed Australia has no shareholding, nor involvement in Exeed New Zealand,” he says.

Bain says since he was not involved with Exeed Australia he is unable to comment on the reasons behind the company’s demise, referring queries to Bosnar, who Reseller News was unable to reach for comment.

In 2003 Exeed Australia entered the telecommunications market taking on products such as Hutchison Telecom’s 3G range.

Meanwhile, an attempt in the same year to merge with fellow distributor Digiland failed, as the two parties could not arrive at a satisfactory financial agreement. In contrast, Bain says following its original business model has proved very successful for Exeed New Zealand.

“The business is going very well. Our relationship with HP has never been stronger,” he says.

Brent Kendrick, HP New Zealand personal systems group GM, agrees, saying the vendor is extremely satisfied with Exeed’s performance, and he does not expect the demise of Exeed Australia to have any impact on the New Zealand company.