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CA: “We were first with antispyware”

COMPUTER Associates (CA) made use of Computerland’s BizGo seminar series last month to stake its claim as the most established antispyware vendor.

While a raft of major vendors recently entered the fray, CA says through the lineage it inherited when it acquired Pest Patrol last year it is now the most established antispyware player.

Pest Patrol has been offering enterprise-class antispyware tools for the past seven years and has the largest database of known pests in the industry, says CA New Zealand channels manager George Hladilo.

According to Hladilo, CA has already trained over 400 people from various local resellers on the range and has boosted Pest Patrol’s status as the most credible corporate antispyware product in a landscape filled with downloadable, often free, applications.

“The product now has the backing of a large vendor,” he says.

While many other antispyware products only run on individual machines and require each user to download updates and run scans, Hladilo says Pest Patrol is centrally installed and managed. “This is critical for corporate customers. They do not want to rely on each individual user to manage the product.”

In addition the range is managed from the same console as other CA products, and integration with the vendor’s other applications, including its eTrust antivirus suite, will be enhanced in the next version slated for release later this year.

However, the product can still be offered as a standalone application, and creates a great conversation piece for resellers with their customers, says Hladilo.

“It is a very good door opener. Customers get the best of both worlds. Pest Patrol can operate as a separate product or they can have full integration with other CA or third-party products,” he says.

Hladilo adds Pest Patrol is also the only product that offers versions designed especially for consumers, small and medium businesses and enterprises, as well as an OEM version for local system builders. CA retained the entire Pest Patrol staff, including developers, and released Version 5 of the product in November, renaming it eTrust Pest Patrol after its security suite and giving it the CA makeover to ensure it looks and feels like its other products.