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Ectus scores US deal

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 14 April, 2005 22:00

AN emerging Waikato software company has scored its first big win in the sought-after North American market.

Hamilton-based Ectus, launched last June, makes online collaboration and video conferencing software for the education and corporate sectors.

The company released its Media and Place products in December, and has now launched into the lucrative US arena through a distribution agreement with Roscor.

The Illinios-based distributor will market Ectus’s Media product to its clients and work as master VAR across the country.

Mark Topping, Ectus chief executive, says the strategy is to end up with three distributors across the US.

“We’re pretty close to signing another two. Obviously we’ve been in discussions with a lot more than three companies to get to this stage,” he says.

Topping estimates the Roscor deal to be worth $US10m to Ectus.

“Now we’re focused on building up the momentum and we strongly believe in the reseller model. We have all these people in the US working for us and our job is to keep them moving.”

Leading up to the agreement, Ectus had been working with US technology analysts Wainhouse Research and Topping says that relationship led to meeting the right people.

Chris Otten, Roscor videoconferencing business unit manager, says Media’s powerful interactive tools make it a strong offering to show to clients and resellers in the US.

Aside from the corporate and education markets, Roscor covers video and audio production, broadcast, transmission and computer-based multimedia applications.

Otten says Ectus Media offers an exciting suite of capabilities not previously presented in a single solution and believes they will fulfil a growing demand.

Topping says the deal is what the company has been planning for since its inception.

“Our focus was never on the New Zealand market because it’s too small. The US is the largest market in the world, closely followed by China.”