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Gen-i and Computerland merger on cards

TELECOM was expected to announce this week who will lead the new Gen-i and Computerland combined entity.

At press time, Mark Ratcliffe - Telecom chief information officer - would not reveal whether the top post would go to Gen-i head Chris Quin, or his Computerland counterpart Chris Mackay.

While confirming Telecom is in the process of merging the two companies, Ratcliffe says many details are still being worked out.

This includes branding. “We haven’t made up our minds finally on that yet,” he says.

While one possibility is that the Computer-land name may still be used in the regions where the brand is stronger, Ratcliffe says the intention is to have only one brand.

Meanwhile, the nine Computerland franchises will remain onboard, and would be willing to adopt a new brand should a change occur, says Ratcliffe.

“They feel a name change is something they could handle. They believe their relationship with customers is strong enough not to be impacted,” says Ratcliffe.

“The franchises are a good model. We are in discussion with them about what the options are going forward.”

Telecom only owns Computerland’s four corporate branches in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.