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SME PC sales healthy

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 14 April, 2005 22:00

WHILE PC sales growth is slowing elsewhere, it remains strong within the SME market.

A report from IDC Australia describes the SME market as healthy, due to the stable economy and current refresh cycle.

Conditions are similar in New Zealand.

Liam Gunson, IDC New Zealand hardware analyst, says a key driver locally is the plummeting prices for desktop and laptop PCs due to the strong local currency.

“The SME space has been strong throughout 2004 and, while growth won’t be as strong this year, it will continue,” he says.

Gunson says that as prices have dropped, technology has been seen as more affordable to the SME buyer.

“This has opened up even more opportunities as this will lead to service surrounding PCs becoming more important.”

The Australian report reinforces that warranty, service and support are still the most important factors for SME purchases.

IDC says this presents a challenge for vendors and their channel partners used to operating in the corporate world, as they must have warranties and support functions in place to be successful.