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Biggs stays in play

WITH over three decades of IT industry experience, much of which was spent in management roles, Garth Biggs’s skills are now up for hire.

“My interest is in bridging the gap between business people and the IT department,” he says. “I aim to bring my knowledge of IT and managing businesses together.”

Biggs was CEO of integrator Gen-i since 1999, when it was still known as Wang New Zealand, but vacated the role last July after Telecom bought the firm and installed Chris Quin as general manager.

He then formed his own management consulting firm, Biggs and Company, and his first contract was to help manage Gen-i’s Australian operation.

Biggs remains based in Auckland, however, spending three days a week in Australia to perform the role.

This contract ends in June, with the appointment of Rhoda Holmes as general manager of Gen-i Australia. Biggs says he has around four projects with other clients in the air to keep him occupied, however.

“I work for a variety of people and have about four projects at this stage. I want to build a portfolio of four to six projects to manage full-time,” he says.

Biggs says there is often a certain amount of confusion between management and IT staff and he can act as an intermediary.

“I have a role to play between those two groups,” he says.

“I sense I bring a particular con-

fluence of skills building on my substantial business experience and fundamental knowledge of IT.”

Biggs did not want to comment on the future direction of his former company after its merger with Computerland, saying he is no longer close enough to Gen-i.

“I’ve had very little contact with Gen-i New Zealand since October,” he says.