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Vendors coax Westan across the Tasman

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 28 April, 2005 22:00

YET another Australian distributor is setting up shop on this side of the Tasman - Westan opens its New Zealand operation next month.

Industry veteran Paul Dixon is managing director. He says looking forward to the challenge of recruiting resellers.

“I’m an advocate of good, old-fa-shioned service and making resellers feel like they can build their business on good margins,” he says.

Dixon says Westan vendors have been encouraging the company to open a New Zealand operation.

On top of that he believes the market is right to integrate Australian and New Zealand companies with the increasing convergence of electronics and business.

“Westan Australia has a very slick distribution system that has been proven and that will be imported here so we’ll use the same website for inventory and purchasing.”

He says that Westan is currently in negotiations with around ten vendors and hopes that some of those will be exclusive.

Current vendors with Westan Australia include Samsung, Fujitsu, Western Digital and BenQ.

Rick Jansen, BenQ country manager, says his current distribution deal with Ingram Micro is set in concrete.

“Paul will present a business case to us and if there is a different marketing strategy then we will consider it,” he says.

Jansen adds that he won’t consider any arrangement that is in direct competition with Ingram Micro. “It’s far too much work for us.”

Dixon was one of the founders of Tech Pacific and will use his experience in the industry to develop relationships.

“It’s good to be back and I’m going to have a lot of fun with this.”

On the recent acquisition of Tech Pacific by Ingram Micro, Dixon says that one and one doesn’t necessarily make two.

“I’ve had a close relationship with Tech Pac - I was the one who hired Tony Butler - and have always been proud of what he’s achieved.”

Dixon says he isn’t looking to recreate Tech Pacific, as Westan works from a different niche in the market.