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Benq quits music market

BENQ’S recently established New Zealand subsidiary has pulled out of the MP3 player market.

Rick Jansen, Benq country manager, says this is only a temporary measure.

“The problem was that Benq has such a varied range and that was inconsistent with what I wanted to launch in New Zealand,” he says. Benq is poised to open its own plant in Taiwan for the design and manufacture of its MP3 players - until now the company has rebranded third-party products.

Jansen says the new players will be available later in the year and hints the range will be funkier. According to Jansen, a key driver for the MP3 market is access to legal music downloads. “New Zealanders haven’t had a lot of access until now and it’s the next big step for the market.”

A report from IDC Australia predicts the MP3 player market will experience explosive growth in the next two years.

Unit shipments are expected to reach 1.3 million by the end of this year with sales revenues hitting A$357 million by 2009.