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Mcubed silences home theatre

AUCKLAND-based distributor Krome has added to its stable of European hardware and has already pre-sold the first shipment.

Made by Austrian company Mcubed, the HFX combines traditional home entertainment equipment, such as a DVD, video recorder and tuner, with a PC, in a single device.

Director Jason Lake says the HFX home theatre appliance is a world first because it uses an innovative cooling technology that removes disruptive fan noise.

“The response to this has been massive. It’s the perfect soundless appliance for home theatre systems. Add that to the stunning design and it’s a very sexy product,” he says.

Krome has secured the Australasian distribution rights for the HFX and is selling into the Australian market through a sub-distributor.

“This is huge for us. It’s a sort of contra-deal because Krome is distributing one of their products into New Zealand.” Lake says he is on the lookout for resellers and points out that the HFX is a relatively inexpensive option for anyone wanting to build a home theatre system.