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Double coup restores Renaissance

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 09 June, 2005 22:00

RENAISSANCE has plugged the hole left when Juniper Networks defected to Ingram Micro last month.

The company has partnered with Foundry Networks, a switch and router vendor, to deal with its direct resellers and to grow the channel in New Zealand.

Mark Dasent, general manager Renaissance Brands, says Foundry resellers have had to order out of the US until now. “Effectively this means we can offer a choice of supply for the current Foundry Networks partners, but it also allows us to further develop the brand in the New Zealand market as the product set moves down to become more mainstream,” he says.

Dasent says Renaissance has good capabilities to help resellers through network design, training and warranty support.

Graham McDonald, Foundry Networks regional sales manager, says having a local company onboard makes procurement easier for resellers - rather than conducting all business through the US.

More importantly, he believes the partnership will open up a new area of business for the company.

“If you look at Foundry’s business most of the focus has been on the high-end market; Mark’s team is focusing on the entry-level products that we haven’t been pushing.”

McDonald says that while Renaissance’s training is a boost to the channel he doesn’t believe resellers will have a problem implementing the products.

“It shouldn’t be much of an impediment for people to use Foundry. There’s very little difficulty in people picking up the product to configure it.” Renaissance has also scored a distribution deal with email security vendor Ciphertrust.

Dasent describes the brand as having excellent technology, great prospects for growth and a natural product fit for New Zealand. “While the installation is quite easy, Ciphertrust is a brand that definitely requires training.”

He says the market for email security products is strong, especially given the recent headlines over the police pornography bust.