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Trend Micro launches new channel programme

IN future, Trend Micro resellers will not be measured on the value of their deals, but on their ability to serve specific business


The security vendor has revamped its partner programme from being revenue orientated to focusing on meeting customer requirements in certain market sectors.

“We have reworked the programme to focus on how we work with our partners in different segments,” says Graeme Burt, Trend Micro channel director for Australia and New Zealand.

“The needs we have from a partner working in the enterprise space are quite different to what we need from a partner in the small to medium-sized business space.”

As part of the overhaul, Trend Micro has dumped its platinum, gold and silver partner tiers for premier, national reseller organisation (NRO) and associate classifications.

These are based on the skills and training partners possess. NROs need implementation and service skills and should have at least two certified staff members at each of their locations, while premier partners need a technical-certified and sales-certified person onboard.

Each level also requires two customers reference sites.

The changes mean partners operating in the SMB market will be measured by their sales, servicing and implementation capability, while those in the enterprise space are rated by service and maintenance abilities rather than selling skills.

“We are rewarding and working with partners who are committing to us in terms of providing sales and technical resources. The partner programme is there to support and drive that,” says Burt.

“In the enterprise we are looking for strong services partners who can implement our pro-ducts and provide value-added services and go to market with a complete offering.”

Included in the programme is a new web portal where partners can access sales presentations, marketing materials and price lists, as well as use a new lead referral system.

The new programme took effect on June 1, but partners have two months to ensure their skills are aligned with the new requirements. Burt hopes all Trend Micro’s current partners will migrate to the new programme, and that it will attract new recruits.