Reseller News

Storage experts: apply at Falconstor

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 23 June, 2005 22:00

FALCONSTOR is on the hunt for storage experts to complement its booming New Zealand channel.

Joel Norton, regional director Australia New Zealand, says his company has gone from struggling to find resellers to reaching saturation with the type of reseller available.

“There are only a couple of partners left in New Zealand that have the storage skills necessary to grow the market,” he says.

Norton stresses that the company hasn’t reached saturation in sales but needs to grow the market through specialised resellers, such as system integrators.

He credits I-Data for building up the channel and hopes the company will continue to take the lead for Falconstor.

Mike Smith, I-Data managing director, says since taking on Falconstor a few months ago his company has had several big wins.

Norton believes his company has the hot products of the moment especially with virtual tape library (VTL) technology that he says has revolutionised backup.

“VTL is now the industry leader which is good news for us and our partners. Smaller resellers can take our products and work with customers for significantly less cost and they’re loving it.”

He adds that IP SAN is an ideal techno-logy for New Zealand as it enables tier-two to tier-three organisations to better manage their data for low-end costs.

Norton believes iSCSI is the next big thing in storage. “It’s certainly emerging as the next big thing and will be the panacea for a lot of organisations. It means that our resellers can diversify and really look after their customers. From the feedback I get Falconstor is here to make its resellers rich.”

The company has OEM arrangements with all the major storage players, the most prominent being StorageTek, which uses the company’s IPStor technology.

“Around 15% of our OEM reve-nue comes from StorageTek and Sun has entered a new contract to resell VTL.”

Clarification: In the last edition of Reseller News we described Falconstor as a StorageTek rival, the two companies are partners.