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Printing costs get the chop

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 23 June, 2005 22:00

CUTTING the print costs is the message Lexmark’s newly appointed managing director is taking to the market.

Graham Kittle says more than 90% of his company’s business is through the channel and he hopes to increase that. “Lexmark offers a very attractive package and is keen to work closely with system integrators to increase their knowledge so they get beyond just selling hardware,” he says.

Kittle points to the Lex Express service that provides customers with a permanent replacement printer within 24 hours as an example of an initiative that strengthens the services provided by channel partners.

“My vision is to do things better still. I’m really upping the ante of our messages.”

He says that print has been over-complicated and expensive for too long and is keen to build up the consultancy side of the business in a bid to make life easier for Lexmark’s corporate clients.

“Print has grown to be a high expense. Studies show that companies are spending around 3% of their revenue on print. Paper is only growing by 7%, yet on the desktop it’s growing by 35% and that is causing a lot of headaches for IT departments.”

Kittle says the solution is to work on a right-fit approach — such as not putting colour or A3 throughout the office — and then look at the workflow to make it more efficient. He predicts that with an output road map companies can save up to 10% of their current print costs and says the channel can take advantage of this.