Reseller News

Slow steps to full integration

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 23 June, 2005 22:00

FOLLOWING its acquisition of Blue Pumpkin Software in January, Witness Systems is already on the first level of its three-step integration programme.

The company has released an enhanced version of its Workforce Management product for call centres combining some of Blue Pumpkin’s technology.

Dermot McCutcheon, managing director Australia New Zealand, says the company’s vision is to deliver one application suite for call centre use by the middle of 2006.

He says that once the acquisition was completed, Witness Systems immediately consolidated the price books on both lines to make licences easier to sell.

Up until January, Witness Systems partnered exclusively with TelstraClear, but following the merger inherited Blue Pumpkin reseller Zeacom.

McCutcheon says the relationship with Zeacom will be continued, although he isn’t looking for any further resellers.

Mike Engle, Zeacom marketing manager, says the products are a complementary fit to his own company’s.

“We’re delighted to continue as a reseller. While Zeacom’s pro-ducts are for call centre telephony management these are for workforce management,” he says.

McCutcheon says Witness Systems already has a significant customer base in New Zealand, with the likes of the Mini-

stry of Justice, IAG and Fisher & Paykel on its client list and expects the company to continue its 75% year-on-year growth here.

Recently the company completed its largest IP project, working with TelstraClear to provide recording across 10,000 handsets for the Ministry of Social Development.

“Our intent is to sustain leadership and we’re seeing growth in the IP telephony recording market. There’s a huge wave of refresh purchasing going on as customers make the move to IP.”

According to McCutcheon, the advantage of Witness Systems for the channel is its focus on a singular offering for call centres. “We don’t get sidetracked into new markets.”