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Telecom mobile co-op emerges

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 21 July, 2005 22:00

A GROUP of 22 Telecom mobile dealers have come together to form a national collective under the banner Orb Communications.

Those involved include Business Communications, Concord Communications and ComZone and have a combined presence in 38 locations.

Richard Briggs, formerly of Alcatel, took the reins of the new venture as CEO three weeks ago and says he’s still getting to grips with the business.

“Telecom has a lot of individual dealers busy doing their own thing but with Orb those dealers can now offer a consistent level of service and support nationwide. That gives them the strength to compete with some of the big names to attract corporate customers,” he says.

With the foundation now established, the cooperative can start to build a standard of support and offer guarantees to Telecom and end-users, says Briggs.

While 80% of Orb’s business is in mobile, Briggs wants to see it become a complete solutions provider to the small to medium-business market.

He says Orb has a different go-to-market model with a separate value proposition from Leading Edge Communication, which has 22 Telecom stores.

“We won’t be competing directly against Leading Edge; it makes more sense for the two companies to work together to tackle the market, but in different ways.”