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New security wares boost Observatory Crest

Two major releases this year from messaging and security vendor GFI with more on the way is boding well for the vendor's local agent Observatory Crest in Wellington.

UK-based GFI launched the latest version of its email content security software, MailSecurity 9 this month, after releasing version 11 of its antispam offering, MailEssentials, in April.

Observatory Crest director Paul Grover says both these releases have been significant and is good news for the company, which was set up by Grover and Chris O’Shea in 2003 to distribute the GFI range.

“The range is going very well for us. There is a lot of interest from resellers around these products,” says Grover.

GFI is a principal vendor in Observatory Crest’s stable, which now also includes F5 Networks’ traffic management products.

GFI MailSecurity 9 is aimed at Exchange and SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) mail servers.

Its new quarantine filters, search options and web-based configuration make it easier for administrators to ensure their email servers are secure, according to GFI.

The product features multiple virus engines, content and attachment checking, spyware and exploit detection, and Trojan and executable scanning, the company says.

Grover says the suite can be installed in 10 minutes, adding the largest potential customer base is users of Microsoft Small Business Server as it provides protection for Exchange Server 2003.

Meanwhile, Grover says new versions of other GFI products are also in the offing. This includes a tool that controls the use of portable storage devices, such as USB key drives and hard drive based media players.

“These products can be used to strip a company’s database. The new product defines access rights any storage device on a PC,” he says.

The next version of GFI MailArchiver, due next month, will also feature major improvements, says Grover.