Reseller News

Turning VoIP into a Goldmine

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 18 August, 2005 22:00

CUSTOMER relationship management (CRM) software maker Frontrange is on the lookout for a new breed of partner as it readies to launch into the voice over IP (VoIP) space.

Paul Petersen, senior director for Frontrange, was in the country last week to meet with existing partners including Savio Solutions and Olympic Software.

“I’m out here to see what has had resonance in the marketplace and to make sure partners understand our current message. I’m very aware that all too often the channel is left on its own,” he says. Petersen says the success of CRM depends on the services provided by partners, often a huge source of revenue, and believes he can’t put enough emphasis on the importance of building services into a solution sell. “While Frontrange has a lot of new technology coming in the next few months it’s important that people remember these are complementary not replacement products. New products are great but to be successful partners have to concentrate on services.”

He says that while his company is focused on building up its key resellers it is also interested in hearing from traditional PBX resellers who want to adapt to VoIP.

“Frontrange remains completely channel focused and as it moves into VoIP there is a unique space for partners.”