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PST! We’re making inroads

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 18 August, 2005 22:00

BUSINESS intelligence (BI) expert PST Software says it is beginning to gain traction with its Q4Bis product.

Since turning its focus on New Zealand and Australia two months ago the company has made several sales and secured an arrangement with Unisys.

Sunesh Samarasinghe, sales and marketing manager Australasia, says the partnership with Unisys is huge — both in terms of visibility and volume.

“Unisys is one of the big boys and will hopefully take Q4Bis into Australia. Doors are beginning to open here and the last three months have been very successful,” he says.

Samarasinghe says PST sells direct and indirect and is working on building a channel in the Asia-Pacific region, but believes it’s too early to say whether the company will pull away from direct model.

“We have come up with some attractive pricing for the channel with margins between 30 and 50% and have different tiers of partners, ranging from individual consultants to a full systems integrator with sound BI skills.”

He believes a major factor in PST’s success is its proof-of-concept sales method, which has an 85% success rate.

“It’s a case of putting our money where our mouth is and using the product to take a snapshot of the prospect’s company data. That has a huge impact because it’s information that’s relevant to the customer.”