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Edtech aims at SMEs

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 30 August, 2005 22:00

Taking the lessons it has learnt in servicing the education sector, Edtech has established a commercial division.

Peter Nelson, managing director, says his company has accumulated a number of business customers over the years and believes the time is right to focus on the small to medium market.

“We used to service our commercial customers from the same engineering and account management team but I didn’t want to dilute the focus on education. Vertech concentrates on business alone,” he says.

Nelson adds that Edtech has developed an exceptional value proposition in the cost-conscious education sector and believes Vertech can translate that knowledge to the SME market successfully.

Leading the new division is Mike Kerr, business development manager, who says the response has been extremely positive.

“We’ve had some good wins in a competitive environment against businesses with an established track record,” he says.

Kerr says he is focused on those companies that recognise the business value of IT, and that Vertech takes a holistic approach to services.

He says Edtech’s profile goes a long way to opening doors for the commercial business.

“Edtech has a great reputation in the education market as having a high level of integrity. One of the things that first attracted me to the company is that it treats clients in a manner that goes beyond the call of duty.”