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Ingram takes sensible approach to Impulse

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 01 September, 2005 22:00

RATHER than place extra strain on the business coming into its peak period, Ingram Micro is waiting until the new year before it switches from the Tech Pac ERP system to Impulse.

Tony Butler, managing director, has decided to wait until the distributor’s quiet period in January to conduct staff training on the new system.

“Impulse is fantastic and I’d swap over next week if I could, but as we’re now in the build-up to Christmas it makes sense to switch over during the slow season,” he says.

Butler points out that although the Tech Pac system isn’t broken, it is difficult to improve and update it without significant ongoing expense, and he stresses he doesn’t anticipate any problems with the crossover.

He says that while resellers may notice additional functionality, it certainly won’t be on the first day of going live.

“We’re trying to make the customer-facing piece identical so customers shouldn’t notice any difference. In fact, in our experience with ERPs we’ve learnt not to be too ambitious.”

Instead, he says, internal efficiencies will go up — especially as the company’s new warehouse is designed for a sophisticated warehouse management system.