Reseller News

Integrated VoIP offering for SMEs

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 15 September, 2005 22:00

AGILE has signed Infinity Solutions as a reseller to take Avaya’s IP Office suite to the small to medium enterprise (SME) market.

Tony Jayne, Agile general manager, says Infinity is a natural fit with its application focus in the SME area and strong national coverage.

“There is an extensive training process for Infinity to go through and a large investment on our behalf to ensure it is successful. This is a very specialist channel strategy not commoditising VoIP,” he says.

Jayne says that although Agile’s voice resellers have sold over 1,000 Avaya IP systems he wanted to focus on a different skill set to complement the existing channel.

He says Infinity has hit the ground running, with one new customer already signed — an indication, he believes, that good news travels quickly.

“This relationship is really about taking the business benefit of VoIP to the market rather than just the technology. Avaya IP Office is not a box sell. Customers will miss out on the real benefits of convergence and IP telephony if the solutions aren’t delivered by an integrator with a single view of data, applications and business processes.”

Stuart Robb, Infinity CEO, says his customers are increasingly demanding integrated IT and telephony solutions.

“I feel it’s a natural extension of what Infinity is already doing. In some ways it’s the timing of these things — VoIP has been around for a while but now it can be combined with IT infrastructure and applications,” he says.

Robb sees the partnership with Agile as an opportunity to turn the wheel into a wheelbarrow with a simple and intuitive tool to lift service.