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Resellers complain about distributor online formats

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 27 September, 2005 22:00

Frustration levels are high within the reseller community over the poor and varying product information being delivered by distributors.

“We’re in the computer industry for god’s sake, you’d think we would be able to get it right. The amount of time I have to spend fixing pricing lists or writing a different spreadsheet for each wholesaler is ridiculous – I’d actually rather be out there selling the product,” says Aaron Singline, director of Arrow Computers.

Singline says converting the huge variety of CSV (comma separated value file format) takes up a huge part of his time especially as most distributors categorise their products in different formats.

He says he speaks on behalf of numerous other resellers and firmly believes an industry standard CSV would overcome the problem.

“At the moment resellers are missing out. I know of some guys who don’t even bother with a website now because it’s too complicated. There has to be a better flow of information and more support for us. The more they help us the more we can sell.”

Singline says he has been asking some distributors to put out a CSV for over two years but with no luck.

“These are companies with fantastic looking websites but they won’t even give me a picture to use on my own. I’ve been in the industry for a long time and remember the days when we used to do the prices manually and it seems we haven’t come much further.”