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Name change to lift Emtec profile

WITH a goal of making its signature brand, Emtec, the second-biggest name in digital media in New Zealand within two years, VGA is changing its name and is looking to expand distribution of the range.

VGA holds the sole agency for the Emtec range of optical and magnetic media and plans to significantly lift the brand’s profile in the country.

“Our goal is for Emtec to be the second-largest media brand in New Zealand,” says managing director Murray Irwin, who bought VGA in January.

To help achieve this the company’s new name will incorporate the Emtec moniker and is likely to be Emtec Distributors.

“We will be one of a few companies not owned by Emtec to have Emtec in our name,” says Irwin.

The change will take place by the end of this year.

To further expand the reach of the brand, the company is in talks with storage specialist Datastor to take on the range.

VGA supplies mass retailers directly, and hopes to make the range more accessible to IT resellers through a company like Datastor, says Irwin.

Datastor is currently evaluating the range and is stocking a limited quantity of the pro-duct on a trial basis, says sales manager Dave Rosenberg.

There is plenty of work to do to improve Emtec’s profile in New Zealand, says Irwin.

The range was previously known as BASF and enjoyed high brand awareness in the country, but Emtec has not been strongly promoted here, he says.

To increase awareness of the brand VGA is investing in new instore displays and consumer-focused marketing.

Emtec is being positioned as a top-tier brand with leading-edge technology, but will be priced aggressively, says Irwin.

“We aim to have prices which are as good as or better than others, and to have better margins for resellers,” he says.

Emtec’s marketing will highlight its European roots and focus on premium products, such as long-lasting, 24-carat-gold-coated and ultra-durable carbon CDs and DVDs, says Irwin.

“These are proprietary products that show the technological competence of the brand,” he says.

Emtec is meanwhile expanding its range to other data storage products. It recently introduced a 5GB hard disk memory drive, the Giga Cube, and plans to launch a 40GB portable backup and data storage unit, the Data Cube, early next year, along with photo and video versions of the device.

Other Emtec products include flash memory drives, card readers and ink cartridges.

VGA is also the local agent for the IPTec range of surge suppressors, which is also distributed through Datastor.