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New Vaios get professional

TAKING some of the whizz-bang out of its Vaio notebooks is allowing Sony to take on the mobile computing needs of business users.

The company is launching its first Vaio designed specifically for the corporate market this month and promises it will be a more secure platform and have a longer lifecycle than models designed for consumers.

“This is the first Vaio truly designed for the business environment. Models designed for consumers have extra whizz-bang, but the business models will be more stable,” says Joshua Henderson, business development manager of Sony New Zealand’s business division.

The first model in Sony’s new BX series is the Vaio Professional BX168.

Combined with an assortment of swappable accessories, the range provides a choice of configuration options in a single platform, Sony says.

The range features a modular approach to accessories and peripherals, ensuring a more cost-effective platform for businesses, says Henderson.

All accessories, such as docking stations, standard and large-capacity batteries and wireless mice, are generic across the range, allowing them to be shared. A multifunction bay, meanwhile, enables users to swap out powerful peripherals, such as a DVD writer drive or 80GB hard drive.

Accessories and peripherals will also remain compatible with newer models, says Henderson.

“This represents a lower cost of ownership for businesses,” he says.

Sony has made good inroads into the corporate space since appointing Dove Electronics as a distributor for this market 18 months ago, says Henderson.

“We have reached a lot of small to medium businesses. With the new range we can now start to market to companies looking to buy higher volumes.”

To make the new Vaio more attractive to the corporate users it also features a number of security measures, including an integrated biometric fingerprint scanner, power-on and hard disk passwords and a trusted platform module security chip.

Other features Sony believes will make the BX168 a hit with businesses is a built-in camera for instant real-time videoconferencing and a plug-and-display function that enables presentations to be set up in a single step.

The Vaio Professional with a 15.4-inch LCD and 2GHZ Intel Pentium M processor retails for $3,799, while the docking station sells for $499.