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Royalty descends on ED party

GUESTS at Express Data’s tenth anniversary celebration were astounded when reseller royalty arrived at the party.

The Royal Court of Avondale, including faction head Lord Fartalot, made a grand entrance at the event.

The expansive Grand Tearoom at the Heri-tage Hotel in Auckland fell silent as the Royal party entered the hall — their arrival heralded by a messenger from faraway lands, sparking a bout of enthusiastic applause.

However the excitement wore off fast when it was discovered that far from being of noble descent, the group was in fact the blokes of Expert Solution Providers (ESP), based in Avondale, who decided to turn the event into a costume party.

Reseller News can also reveal that Lord Fartalot was in fact ESP boss John King (whose surname clearly is a cause of delusions of grandeur). Fortunately ED bosses saw the humorous side of ESP’s antics and national sales manager Paul Plester says they added to the festive atmosphere of the event. “It was fantastic in terms of their theatrical nature,” he says.

“It is great to have some larger-than-life characters in the industry who do a good job and know how to have fun.”

Plester says while King has been scouted by theatrical talent agencies, his “future lies firmly in IT and not on the stage”.

ESP has not been struck off ED’s list for its event, which is unlikely to be a costume party, says Plester.

ED used to host famous monthly parties, which earned it the nickname Excess Data, but Plester says although the excesses of those early days have been reined in, the company plans to host more regular events.