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Patchlink launches partner programme

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 09 November, 2005 22:00

BOOSTING its commitment to the channel, security management provider Patchlink has launched its partner programme in New Zealand.

Neal Gemassmer, Patchlink vice president Asia-Pacific, says his company is focused on providing tools and resources to drive its partners’ revenue.

“Patchlink has designed a channel-focused programme that effectively leverages industry expertise and

leading-edge security technologies,” he says.

The Global Solution Provider Programme (GSPP) has three invitation-only levels — silver, gold and platinum — and includes a personalised partner web portal.

“This is an efficient way to transfer knowledge and allows my company to help protect margins or prevent potential conflict over end deals.”

Gemassmer has spent the last few weeks explaining the programme to resellers and says the response has been extremely positive.

“Resellers continue to see Patchlink in a positive light, probably because the products fill a void in the market.”

Expert Solution Providers (ESP) is the first New Zealand gold partner to sign with Patchlink.

“ESP is a great group of passionate people with a strong focus on security. Since signing as a partner it has already closed its first deal.”

John King, ESP managing director, describes the partnership as all good.

“Patchlink products deal with problems that arise as a result of an audit as well as meeting compliance and all those other painful standards everyone is talking about,” he says.