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Ascenvision changes distributors

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 23 November, 2005 22:00

NETWORK appliance specialist Ascenvision has appointed Crawford Technologies as distributor for its WAN load balancer, Ascenlink.

Earlier this year Ascenvision struck a gentleman’s distribution agreement with Snappernet who remains a reseller.

Brendon Granger, Ascenvision business development manager, says although Snappernet is happy to resell the product he needed to look elsewhere for a strong distributor.

Granger says no sales targets have been made at this point but he believes Ascenlink has good potential in New Zealand.

“It’s done reasonably well in the Australian market but it is a steep learning curve. We have to educate the market about its benefits — until they see it working most people don’t believe it does what it says,” he says.

John Crawford, managing director Crawford Technologies, says the product is unique to New Zealand.

“As a WAN load-balancing tool Ascenlink will benefit those customers that have invested heavily in multi-level WAN,” he says.

Crawford says although WAN load balancing isn’t a new technology Acenvision is a new vendor with a new solution.