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Mini-mart opens to showcase retail

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 23 November, 2005 22:00

RETAIL technology and Eftpos giant Provenco has opened a convenience store in its head office to showcase how shops may operate in the future.

The Provenco mini-mart is designed to give customers and partners a hands-on experience of current and future technology from digital prices on shelves to handheld devices.

David Ritchie, Provenco chief executive, says the store allows customers to keep up with current market trends and sneak-preview developing trends.

“We want to make New Zealand recognised internationally as developing the most advanced retail technology,” he says.

Aside from retail, Provenco’s focus spans across data capture and, increasingly, products for the global oil industry.

Andre van Duiven, general manager of Provenco’s technology division, describes the current state of retail technology as being similar to the release of the first mobile phones.

“Remember when there was all the buzz about this thing called texting and you couldn’t imagine ever using it? Well this is similar,” he says.

Van Duiven says the industry is now talking about how technology will change the way retail business is done.

Andrew Parker, Provenco sales manager channels and relationships, says he hopes resellers take advantage of the mini-mart.

“There is so much convergence in the retail market — IP technology is a prime example,” he says.

Provenco has around 50 dealers nationally and Parker estimates Eftpos represents around 20% of their business activity.

“A lot of resellers want to go into businesses to have a full discussion about technology and Eftpos is a great starting point. The technology is never the issue, it’s always the go-to-market strategy.”

Provenco is already benefiting from the new EMV (Europay Mastercard and Visa) standard that is being rolled out over the next three years.

Parker describes it as a boom time for the Eftpos industry as the majority of merchants need to have their terminals updated.

“I see Eftpos in a merchant site as an essential utility — much the same as power or water. The first deadline is December but there’s another three waves after that.”