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Mobility vendor ups its game

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 23 November, 2005 22:00

“SYBASE is a fantastic engineering company but the marketing stinks,” says Rob Zalums, the company’s managing director Australia New Zealand.

The enterprise infrastructure and mobility provider plans to raise its profile over the next year and promises more communication with partners and customers.

In order to change that Sybase is teaming up with its high-profile partners, including HP, Intel and Solnet.

“We’re backed by some of the largest companies in the world and want to get out there and show it to people.”

Zalums says his company is committed to growing through the channel and has neither the interest nor resources to go fully direct.

“Our partners tend to be specialists in niche areas; in addition there are so many factors besides Sybase software that we can’t possibly compete. One of the biggest hurdles for mobility adoption is the required change of culture and business processes within a company — that’s where partners who understand their customers are vital.”

He estimates that 90% of Sybase’s mobility solutions are sold through partners.

Along with its iAnywhere mobility solution one of Sybase’s fastest-growing products is IQ, an analytic engine capable of handling data storage.

“At this stage IQ is at enterprise level but I do see it moving to mid-market rather quickly. Sybase is coming up with plans to identify potential partners to take the pro-duct to market,” says Zalums.

Although Sybase does sell direct, newly appointed sales manager Mark Geddes says he recognises the importance of partnering.

“My vision is that mobility is best served through partners so Sybase has to use the wider community. Partners who have established relationships with their customer base are invaluable and I have no interest in changing a business model that works,” he says.