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Endeavour navigates across Tasman

Auckland-based Endeavour Solutions is steering a course to stake claim across the Tasman.

One of the major local resellers of Greentree accounting software, the company has in recent months already opened branches in Hamilton and Christchurch.

Now it plans to use what it has learnt at these two sites to launch into Australia.

“We are ready to take the models from Hamilton and Christchurch to use at other places,” says joint managing director Chris Miller.

This expansion comes after Greentree founder Don Bowman joined the company as joint managing director alongside Miller, late last year.

Bowman will focus on the operational side of the business, while Miller is responsible for sales and marketing.

Over the last two years Bowman ran a programme for Greentree visiting users to discover what their experiences are and to learn how this can be used to better meet customers’ expectations.

“I wanted to help our dealers and show them a model of implementing and selling Greentree that works,” Bowman says.

He decided the best way to achieve this would be to head to the frontline and join a Greentree reseller. He subsequently joined Endeavour, in which Greentree holds a shareholding.

“It fits well for us — it was time to have another person on the management team,” says Miller.

Bowman was impressed with Endeavour’s practices, which he and Miller sought to package for deployment at other sites.

“We ended up with a well-documented system for how to implement and sell Greentree, which made customers happy,” says Bowman.

This led to the establishment of the other two local offices, with Christchurch the most recent addition.

“It is still building. We have about four clients there now and two staff,” says Miller.

The Hamilton branch is a joint venture with Hugh Perchell, who has been an independent Greentree reseller for a number of years.

“He will use our methodologies to make the Hamilton business grow,” says Miller.

Endeavour is now looking across the Tasman for joint-venture partners who can take on its ready made business model and will focus on this goal for the next 12 months, says Bowman.

Meanwhile, Miller says the locally developed Greentree is faring very well in several countries against competitors such as Oracle, SAP and Microsoft, who are “so big they fall over their feet often”.