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Apple, Toshiba refresh audio players

Both Apple and Toshiba have updated their line-up of digital music players this week.

Toshiba continues its assault on market leader Apple with the new Gigabeat Flash and Gigabeat X series.

Measuring 82 cm in height, 32 mm in width and 13 mm in thickness, the Flash is about the size of a Tim-Tim biscuit, according to Toshiba.

The solid-state memory based player rivals iPod’s Shuffle, but unlike its screenless counterpart, has a 1.1 inch colour organic light emitting display (OLED), as well as an FM transmitter, voice recorder and photo viewing capability.

Like the Shuffle it is available in 512MB and 1GB models, retails for $199 and $259, respectively.

The Gigabeat X series meanwhile is 20 percent smaller than the F series, Toshiba’s first range of digital audio players launched last July, the company says.

It features a larger 2.4 inch LCD screen, a new smaller 1.8 inch hard drive and is available in 30GB and 60GB version retailing at $479 and $629.

Apple on the other hand today launched a new 1GB iPod Nano, and dropped its prices on the Shuffle.

The new Nano has the same features as its 2GB and 4GB siblings and can store up to 240 songs or 15,000 photos, the company says.

It has a $259 price tag and is expected to arrive at local distributor Renaissance next week.

The 512MB and 1GB iPod Shuffle now cost $119 and $179 respectively, down from $179 and $235.

The new Nano and the price reduction is aimed at making the iPod more affordable, Apple says.