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D-Link switches onto business

Already well recognised in the consumer space with its broadband and wireless products, D-Link now plans to position itself as a serious player in the business switching market. And to help it achieve this goal the networking vendor is offering a fresh certification scheme to ensure partners are proficient with its new set of switches.

The company is pushing into this market with its new xStack brand of switches.

Maurice Famularo, the company’s Sydney-based marketing manager, says although D-Link has always had business products in its stable, it can now better market its switches under the xStack banner.

“It is not a directional change — it is a slight refocus in one of our key areas,” he says.

“We are adopting a strategy to refocus some of our deployment of products into the business channel and to capture more of the business space.”

Switches are becoming more important as businesses need faster devices to handle the higher bandwidth of applications such as voice over IP and multimedia content on the internet, says Famularo.

“Switches are becoming far more important than they used to be — they have to start catching up,” he adds.

The company is hosting the first round of certification training on the xStack range in Auckland on February 23. The training will ensure partners are fully confident and proficient with the range and those who complete it can expect extra attention from D-Link, including sales leads from the company’s direct marketing campaigns, says Famularo.

“We will pass leads onto resellers who show a commitment and interest in sales and technical training we provide. People who do courses like that will be recognised more so than other resellers,” he says.

D-Link will also introduce better incentives for resellers who focus on the xStack range, says Famularo. The xStack switches are cost effective and suitable for organisations of all sizes as they are scalable and can be integrated to form large networks, says Famularo.