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VAR support lifts Acer to third spot

A new partner programme for value-added resellers aims to reward those dealers who have helped Acer become the number-three PC vendor in the country, the company says.

Although final figures are not yet available, Acer looks set to have secured the third slot in the PC vendor ranks for last year after rising up from fifth and fourth places over the previous two years.

The company is now rolling out a VAR partner programme to solidify this ranking and achieve its eventual goal of being the top PC vendor in New Zealand, says country manager Rod Bassi.

The programme is designed to support resellers who target small to medium enterprises — New Zealand’s largest market segment and crucial to Acer’s success here, says Bassi.

“SMEs are supported by VARs all over New Zealand. Our objective is to support them and in return get a bigger slice of the pie in that space,” he says.

The programme will be pushed through Acer’s local distributors — Ingram Micro, IT Wholesale and Dove Electronics.

VAR partners will qualify for rebates, special pricings and marketing programmes, previously only available to Acer’s top-tier, or direct, partners.

This includes quarterly sales target rebates and access to marketing support, including customised advertising programmes and marketing materials.

“We will work with our distributors to design campaigns and make marketing material and collateral available and will provide accessibility to Acer’s own sales team to assist in closing deals,” says Bassi.

Resellers who sign up under the programme will also have access to Acer’s AcerLink e-business portal, which allows them to configure products and use an online ordering process.

“It is an extension of the e-commerce engine our distributors use. Resellers will be able to place an order and keeps tabs of where their order is,” Bassi says.

Meanwhile, Bassi is confident Acer has secured the number-three slot in the PC market for 2005 and estimates Acer’s current local market share at around 14%.

More concrete figures will only be available next month once analyst firm IDC releases its market share tally for the final quarter of 2005, he says.

“The next logical step is to reach number two. The gap between three and two is not that large.”

HP is currently still the leader in the PC local market, followed by Dell.