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MS takes keyboards to the Macs

Microsoft has made good on its promise to Mac users.

At last month’s Macworld conference in San Francisco, the software giant announced it has signed up to develop Mac versions of its Office suite for another five years, and said it will launch its first-ever wireless keyboard and laser mouse set designed especially for Apple Macs.

While Microsoft plans to introduce new versions of its Entourage email package and Messenger for Mac in March, its Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac will be available here in July.

Microsoft is not releasing any images of the hardware yet, but the company’s local home retail division marketing manager, Brigitte Reed, promises the design of the keyboard and mouse will match that of the Mac.

“Without giving anything away, I can say the look and feel is very much developed for the Mac desktop with colours that will fit perfectly,” she says.

Reed says Apple users have long been big customers of Microsoft hardware, so the company decided it was time to offer Mac fans something of their own.

“We sell a lot of hardware into the Mac channel. The Starck mouse [developed by French designer Philippe Starck] was very popular,” she says.

The new keyboard will feature Microsoft’s Comfort Curve layout, which delivers a high level of ergonomic comfort for the user, says Reed.

“From an ergonomic perspective our hardware leads the way,” she says.

The keyboard also offers Mac-centric keys, with shortcut buttons preprogrammed to launch Mac applications.

Accompanying the keyboard is a high-definition laser mouse, which features a high level of precision, six-month battery life and five programmable buttons, says Reed.

The Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac set will retail for $199.